I Am Abundantly Grateful

I could feel my temperature rising as my mother pulled out the dreaded “extra” suitcase she brings with her each time she visits. Included in this extra suitcase is, “junk she doesn’t want in her house anymore, that we shouldn’t have in ours”, as my husband so graciously describes it.

An ice cream scoop, a gravy separator, pie plates, old photographs, books she thinks I might like, 30 year old board games she thinks my daughter might enjoy - the list goes on and on and on…

While my daughter delights in going through this suitcase, I dread it. I have enough stuff in my house to begin with, and regularly give away boxes of goods to either the Salvation Army or the Diabetes Foundation. So, the last thing I need is more stuff!!

Upon every visit I politely express my desire for her not to bring me more “stuff”. Yet each time she arrives, so does the suitcase. Inside my head I am screaming at her, "Arrgh, why do you do that? You know I don't like it!". Each time she hands me the next “jewel” from the suitcase, I worry about where I will find space for it. Then I argue with myself over whether I should tell her I am going to throw it out, or merely do so after she has left. What a waste of time and energy! Why do we have so much stuff in the first place?

As I took each item and grumbled to myself, silently crying in frustration, it suAbundanceddenly occurred to me...I am ABUNDANT!  There it was, being handed right to me and I hadn't seen it. I had even fought against it. Abundance was all around me!

Have you noticed that you are abundant or are you missing all of the signs that say you have enough?  

How do you create abundance in your life? We attract into our lives whatever we are feeling, if you feel lacking in some area of your life, you will continue to manifest lack. This is because there is a misalignment between what you are thinking (I want abundance) and what you are feeling (I don’t have abundance). To create abundance you need to align with the feeling of abundance.  

Take a look around you. It took my mother and her suitcase time and time again to make me stop and notice the abundance in my life - a spacious home, a beautiful cottage, an excess of tupperware, love of family and friends, and even some clutter! Notice everything that you have in great quantity and recognize it as a sign of your abundance. Take delight in what you have. You are abundant; you just may have to look for it more consciously. Then, express your gratitude for what you do have.

Tonight I am going to finish off the lemon meringue pie she made for us in the pie plate that she brought in her suitcase. I am going to eat it and feel gratefully abundant. Oh, I will probably still get rid of half of what she brings me, but instead of feeling frustrated, I’ll feel grateful that I have so much!

How do you recognize abundance in your life? I'd love it if you'd share with me in the comments below.


  1. Hi, Marlene,

    I had two pleasant thoughts that went through my mind as I read your latest.

    First, I like the thought you expressed. Somewhere along the way, I picked up the expression “Instead of trying to have everything you love, learn to love what you have.” Not sure it means quite the same thing, but whenever I need some grounding, I often think about loving what I have.

    Second, thinking about loving what I have, I really love good lemon meringue pie, but, alas, I don’t have any:-( Save a slice for me!

    • Appreciating what you have is one of the best ways for attracting more of what you want. I think you actually understand and apply the Law of Attraction in your life more than you like to let on :)

  2. and I am truly grateful for a daughter who puts up with my little annoyances, who I love more than I can say, and for such a wonderful time with them for our March break. I express my gratitude to you Marlene, and I am so gratefully abundant

  3. Nikole Ankrom says:

    As a college student I am surrounded by the constant moan of my peers: “I have to do this essay, that lab report, etc…” and I’ll admit that I often fall victim to this way of thought, especially when deadlines are piling up on me.

    However, as soon as I take a second to step back, breathe, and look at what I am doing I realize I have so much abundance in my life. What a gift it is to have the opportunity to dedicate this part of my life to education. It’s such a unique experience where I’m exposed to so many new ideas and perspectives on life.

    Next time I’m sitting in front of a blank computer screen struggling to write an essay I’ll remember that I have an abundance of knowledge surrounding me that I’m so lucky to be exposed to, which allows me to grow as a person.

    • You are going to go so very far …. in fact you have already!
      If you continue to find abundance around you, and feel grateful for what you have now, it will just keep getting better, and better and better

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