10 Signs the Law of Attraction is Working for You

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How do I know if I am truly understanding the LawLaw of Attraction of Attraction and whether it is working for me”. To help you gauge where you are in the mastery of the Law of Attraction, here are ten ways to tell if YOU are benefiting from this wonderful Law.

  1. You are beginning to understand and accept that the Law of Attraction is a process, and you are gently and gradually noticing how you are reducing negative thought patterns towards various areas of your life, and replacing them with positive thoughts. You start to notice that particular areas or topics don’t feel as bad to you anymore when you think about them.
  2. When something good happens in your life, you understand that it was your thought process and the Law of Attraction that made it true for you.
  3. Conversely, when something not so good happens in your life, you understand that it was your thought process and the Law of Attraction that made it true for you.
  4. When you see something in life that you would like, but don’t yet have, you find yourself saying something like, “I’m going to use the Law of Attraction to help me get that!”
  5. You have started to pay attention to the conversation of others, and when the conversation turns in a direction that doesn’t make you feel so good, you find yourself walking away, where in the past you might have participated.
  6. You find yourself using the words “Don’t”, “Not” and “No”, less and less... and in doing so have realized that while watching your words is a good first step, what really matters are the feelings behind the words you use.  Each time you catch yourself even thinking these words, you automatically ask yourself the question "So, what DO I want”?
  7. You've noticed over time that you’re observing contrast (anything that doesn't feel good to you), more and more briefly.
  8. Occasionally, you realize that when things show up in your life that don’t feel very good, it is your cue to remember that this is a great opportunity to help you determine what does feel really good, and to help you decide what you do what. Sometimes, you even appreciate the contrast!
  9. You've noticed that you are having fewer and fewer experiences of negative people and events in your life. In fact, you’re noticing that life is feeling pretty good!
  10. You start to notice that there is so much to appreciate and be grateful for in your life!

What signs have you seen in your life that the Law of Attraction is working? Share your comments with me below!


  1. John R. Di Filippo says:

    I have been trying to stay oositive on a relationship i am trying to build with someone and after a year no where. I try to think positivly about this person and she is on my mind all the time. She acts indifferent to me now but did not always act so. I do not know what happened but since July she will not talk to me and trys to avoid me on the street. I have had suspisions about her because she does some strange things and I think I jump to conclusions. I need help in getting back on the positive thought process about her and do not know if the law of attraction can change the way someone feels about you.

    • love yourself I definitely know the feeling I was in a situation like that not so long ago,and the only thing that really got me over the situation was knowledge of the law, and that I am somebody, really somebody, and if someone does not want to be in my space they shouldn’t be there then. You are worth more, forget people and there silly little issues, if you really know who you are, and where you are going, you dont have the time to be bothered about people who are not loving you properly. It actually stops you from co creating with the Universe, because a large part of you is saying that you are unworthy, now is that true or is that a lie. If it is a lie, then you have to act like it, believe me the world does go around and people have to go where they began again.

  2. Shelda Thomas says:

    Yes This is true. Just last year I was in therapy with depression. I had even filed for social security because I believed I would never get out og my depression. Learning about the Law of attraction has changed my whole frame of mind. It seems as though I am being propelled away from negative situations and negative people. Each day I am able to wake up and say a ton of good things about the world and life itself. I feel as is I am in control now. Its amazing how just a thought can change a persons entire view of the world. I am so grateful for the things im learning on a daily basis.

    • Shelda – this is one of the most uplifting comments I have received. I am so glad things have turned for you – great work!

      • I connect to this person too. As , a few months back I was in a state of trauma due to family pressures. My mother in law especially. She is capable of pulling down anybody’s vibration and energy. I am an AOL ( Art Of Living) Teacher and teach breathing techniques to reduce stress and it was an irony that I could not manage my emotions and stress caused to me. But a few days back I have been disassociating myself from her and her negativity and I genuinely feel good and better people and oppurtunities have come into my life. Now I strongly believe how positive thoughts brings higher vibrations and happier situations in our lives.
        The secret to happiness is to keep negative thoughts and people away from you. Service to society also helps in a big way as its my personal experience. THE WORLD(UNIVERSE) GIVES BACK TO YOU WHAT YOU GIVE IT AND VICEVERSA.
        CHEERS…. A Happy Soul.

        Keep spreading happiness and you will be happy.

        • I agree that some people are so negative that you need to walk away from them. I just walked away from a person and situation in order to reconnect to positive thoughts. A year ago I felt so good about me and life because I was applying the law of attraction and stopped applying the law of attraction in a positive manner. With in six months I was scared, mad, and unhappy. So I woke up just a few weeks ago and can home, back study and applying the law attraction again, every day the negativity I felt is being replaced with positivity again.
          be happy wake up every day to positive thoughts and that will spread happiness all around you

          • Welcome back Wendy. It’s natural to fall in and out of practice. I often make the analogy of going to the gym. Working and staying in the energy of LOA, is like working a muscle and staying consistent with your workouts. What you have learned now is what happens when you move away from the Law, and I bet that next time the time away will be shorter and less dramatic. Congrats!

  3. I had a dream my father wishing me luck for what I want.. Immediately after I decided to apply the law of attraction.. FYI my father is dead.

  4. Hello Marlene!

    I wanted to talk to you personally, I’d really be obliged if you could help me out with me problem! It’s a big issue! Hope you can email me ASAP! And I could get my answer! Thanks! Great post! :)

  5. My email is ronnmerlin@gmail.com

  6. Sharanya K V says:

    Thank you Mam for giving insight about the Law of Attraction. I have been using law of attraction to manifest my dream job. I have visualized exactly and in a a day I visualize about me working in my dream company for more than two times and whenever am free I visualizes as I am employed and am very happy also.
    Because I have so much faith in Law of attraction no negative thoughts are coming in my mind and whole time am happy that I am going to get my dream job soon I always feel “Yes am gonna get employed”…
    Now I have lot of free time and I keep on thinking and making pictures about my colleagues, friends, various successes in my job. Even I created a Vision Board.
    I just want to know that am going through right path or should I bring some changes or do something more.
    Waiting for your valuable opinion.

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